Sunday, November 16, 2014

Lessons Learned...

Many of you know that I support a local food pantry. It is actually a LINK of various organizations working together to serve others.
Where I go to church, is the highest-income county in the United States.
Yesterday I worked on the distribution day along with some friends. We helped about 800 families with loading their shopping carts.


What I wanted to share were some interesting things I learned, which I think also apply to preparations of food storage.

Pasta Sauce and tomatoes: There were at least 5 tables of various pastas, yet less than ½ table of pasta sauce AND tomatoes.
Mayonnaise: I have always known that mayo was a luxury item. But I was really struck that there wasn't any mayo.

Beans: In choosing beans, most walked by the baked beans and searched for black beans, red beans and chick peas.
Pumpkin: There was a can of pumpkin (and cranberries) for everyone. I was surprised that it seem to be a cultural item, which I hadn't realized before. Of all the families I helped only two chose to accept the pumpkin.

Brand names: Please don't get me wrong here. No one complained, but I watch as some mothers were delighted to find brand names. Another was overjoyed to find Goya brand beans, she remarked this was a really good brand from her country.

Mostly I was reminded that you should store what you eat. When times are tough, there is comfort in things that you know.

We will be helping out again in December.
But, more importantly I will be giving in January. That is when most food banks are depleted.

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