Monday, November 3, 2014

How to be prepped for long term storage: Elderberry Juice...

Has anyone canned elderberry juice?

From the wall: Stephanie's Question: "When making Elderberry syrup are you canning it? If so do you water bath it or pressure can? I've made it and frozen some but it doesn't last long without molding in my fridge so I need to figure out if I can can it for long term storage." 

The short answer would be I haven't canned the actual juice. I use it so frequently & for me it is quick and simple to make. 

I do have it prepped for long term storage by having the individual ingredients stored. Each of the highlight words below link to a post on that topic.
I use four ingredients & have three stored. Water, dehydrated elderberries, dehydrated ginger and local raw honey. Didn't get my ginger in this picture.

The honey is a forever food. Just keep enough in stock.

It is that simple to keep all the supplies on hand.   

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