Thursday, July 3, 2014

Those cute little glass bottles and reflexology...

My grandmother was born about 1915. I was very blessed to have her in my life for many, many years. She got married at 16 and moved out to my grandfather's family farm & loved the very large extended family living on the farm.

She was smart as a whip, creative & ahead of her times. From a very young age, I remember reading her Prevention Magazines when we went to visit. Later she started doing reflexology message. I learned from her how effective this method was for relieving pain.

As I learn more about essential oils, I found that using oils on reflexology points & message work extremely well together. After researching many companies, I personally started using Plant Therapy essential oils. Now my wonderful daughter-in-law has started her own doTERRA business and I am also ordering from her to support her.

Now those cute little glass bottles. While I am still looking at placing my first order, I have found that a company named Aroma Tools carries those wonderful little essential oil bottles and many other handy items to use for carrying & dispensing your oils. Their prices are great, like half the cost of other sites I've checked. But, you have to buy in larger quantities. If you want to pay just a little more per piece, but far less quantities, try Plant Therapy (page 2 & 3) again.

So adding the two things together, in addition to the links shared above, I am sharing some additional links. I have been a fan of Dorling Kindersley informational books for years. I have in my library a super great D.K. book on reflexology by Kevin Kunz. These books are sort of hard to find, here is one I would recommend The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology: 3rd Revision” by Kevin Kunz.

Also, I have found a super great interactive link for reflexology points on your hands and feet. This is a lot of fun for me as I continue to learn about reflexology. Click on the link above, not the photo.

While I am still learning on this journey, here just a few of the ways I have used essential oils from my blog. Plus, I have recently started using eucalyptus oil, lemongrass & rosemary oils neatly (full strength) on my feet at the kidney pressure point to try to improve my kidney health.

I love this feeling of the circle being complete from the knowledge that my grandmother shared with me as a child and now myself and my daughter-in-law applying that knowledge currently and then sharing my journey with you.

I also have an online Amazon Associate/store called Perky Prepping Gramma's Store. This allows me to show you the products I have personally used and endorse, while monetizing my work. What I found early on was people would ask me where I got such & such an item and I would simply share a link. 
Even on regular Amazon (not prime), on specific items, when your order reaches a certain point, I believe it's $35 the shipping to home is free. So, I created a store of these items I use frequently or recommend. It doesn't cost you anything extra, but I do receive a small percentage as an advertising bonus, if you purchase from my store. You are even able to just link in and do any of your regular Amazon shopping.

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