Saturday, July 19, 2014

How To Dry Can Hamburger

Since it was our first time getting hamburger in our area & I had heard such great things, when DH got home we left one (10lb.) chub out and froze the other three.
We had delicious hamburgers for dinner that evening. I think this will be a tradition now.

On to canning...
I got everything sterilized and ready to go. 
Ground meats need to be pre-cooked. Too many surfaces, nooks and crannies. 

EDIT: Ground meats are a little different. Because of the texture the NCHFP states it needs to be pre-cooked. There are just too many nooks and crevices in ground meat, that COULD harbor harmful bacteria. It doesn't have to be completely cooked. On a more practical note, the other reasons are you want to eliminate as much fat as possible. Pressure cooking with all that fat, creates a very mealy texture in the end product. And lastly, you will be able to add more meat to your jars when it is cooked down some. Hopefully that helps.

So, I took the Zaycon 93/7 hamburger and cooked it up to about medium, since it will cook more in the processing.

There was very little fat, so using the canning funnel I just starting putting the hamburger into the jars. EDIT: Make sure you drain all the fat off that you are able to before you pack. Next time I will be using paper towels to drain off more fat. Lightly packed it in and left about 1” of head-space. Salt is optional.

Then I cleaned the rims with vinegar on a paper towel to get rid of any random fat that may be there.

Added the new cleaned lids and rings and put them in the pressure canner.

Canned them at 10# pressure for 60 minutes (for pints).
After the pressure had dropped I took the lid off.
TIP: I use a dishtowel to help prevent the steam from from getting on me as I open the lid, tilting it away from my body.

Man, they look good. I am going to have tacos later this week and I will let you know what I think of the taste.

If you are a newbie (or not), please feel fee to ask any question on facebook. Or maybe this post will help you out. Calling All Newbie Canners & Ye Who Haven't Canned Yet. There is multiply posts here on canning in general. Just start reading, I promise it is easier than you think. Then share a picture with us on facebook. Happy Canning!

Did you know you could easily can hamburger patties? 
Cool side note: When I checked my Zaycon account today, I found they had credited me a small amount of money. Evidently when your order isn't 40 lbs., they credit your account. Pretty cool customer service in my opinion!


  1. I pressure canned for the first time last night and browned hamburger at that. I didn't pack enough so the jars are only half full but I'll do better tonight. I also used the Zaycon 93/7 beef. I just wanted to make sure yours "made juice" while they pressure canned also, I couldn't really tell from the picture. Thanks, Jacki B.

    1. Jackie,
      Yes, there was some fat "juice" that remained in the jars. Next time I am going to drain the meat really well after browning. :D

  2. What is the shelf life when canned like this?

    1. Iceman,
      Generally most pressure canned meats are given 3-5 years of shelf life.