Sunday, July 27, 2014

Some spiffy storage ideas...

Where to store your preps is on ongoing problem for most of us.
With our impending move, my focus for everything is in revamp mode. Particularly when it comes to storage.
Currently we have converted our walk in closet in the master bedroom into a storage room. 

The new place has three bedrooms and believe it or not, I am seriously thinking about making one of the smaller bedrooms into our bedroom & making the largest room a storage room. When I look seriously at it, the room I sleep in is just that...the room I sleep in. Therefore I don't have that much need for a lot a room.
In the beginning I utilized banana boxes to store my canned foods from the store & repacked my canning jars back into their original boxes. Since I have store bought canned goods in the boxes, they are able to be stacked up several boxes high. 

Along those lines, I've been looking at a newer way to store my preps that minimize the floor footprint and maximizes that vertical storage. A few months ago, I realized that there was a lot of extra space on my storage shelves.
To add more storage space in a smaller amount of room, we purchased two shelving units-to build into one unit. Basically added double the amount of shelves into one unit, spacing the shelves based on the size of the canning jars being stored. This is always a work in progress. Hopefully I will have a better system when I move in. Note the water on the bottom left, we raised the lowest shelf of the unit, so the 1 gallons would fit underneath.


NOTE: I like and recommend the Seville storage units, which are available from several sources. I specifically look at the weight capacity for each shelf.


Since we have to move everything anyway, I am looking at implementing several ideas from this lady at She mostly shares crafting ideas, but happens to be LDS and shared this method she developed for her 3 month food supply. 

While I am at it, don't forget utilizing those 5 gallons storage pails with gamma lids. While I haven't had luck (time) finding pails for free, i know lots of people have. Actually lets share ideas on where you get your five gallons buckets for free.


This is a nifty idea that I tried from Katzcrdul. I feel the concept works well, but it didn't really work for me since I don't drink that much soda. But, maybe it will work for your storage.

Then there is the standard under the bed storage. "They" say you are able to store a years worth of food storage under a bed. Personally, I store my meats there.
Currently the whole space is filled with pressure canned chicken breasts. Chicken is my favorite meat. I have bacon, chicken, corned beef, ham, hamburger & hamburgers, sausage, steak, and a couple types of Italian sausages. 

Surely you have seen my sweet & treat storage. This is an old kitchen cabinet we use in the living room. Note: Lots of chocolate!

Storing water: This can get difficult, The best idea I have come up with so far for in house water storage is I turned the Augason Farms 55 gallon water barrels into the t.v. stand.
You may get your barrels from Walmart, or Amazon (link below) . Same price, same equipment. Amazon is fastest for delivery. 

This obviously isn't an exhaustive list for storage ideas. It's not even everything I utilize. What is your favorite tip for storage? Please feel free to share a picture. Hopefully this sparks some new ideas for your storage.
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Affiliate Links and Ads: My site contains affiliate links and ads. I generally only list what I use personally & recommend. Example: Note in this article I recommend that you get your water storage barrels at Walmart. They are way more cost effective from Walmart. I really do a lot of my own shopping online. Have I mention I don't like to shop? LOL.


  1. I have one suggestion. On that metal shelving unit, turn the shelves over so each shelf has a lip to protect against jars falling off of the shelf. Earthquakes can happen anywhere, and believe me, cleaning 20 jars of canned peaches and blackberry jam off of the floor is no fun!

  2. How do you can/seal your "sweets and treats", breads, cookies, chips jars? Do you put an oxygen absorber in the jar? Do you oven can things that won't melt in the heat of the oven? Do you ever wax seal these types of things? Still trying to learn how to can what, and how to seal jars when you can't use heat. Thanks for sharing your info.
    And as to storage of cans, I have seen where people build a wooden vertical can storage on a closet wall. (I am sure you have seen it) . If you have one of the outbuildings set up with heat and air, or if they can be kept cool naturally, this system might also work for you, Closed~ , and open~ .

    1. K Tate,
      I use a Food Saver vacuum sealer. I use this all the time. I generally don't use the oven for sealing. I know some use oxygen absorbers, honestly I haven't had great luck with those.
      If you are looking for a method to use when there isn't any power, try this:

  3. I pay for my buckets and get them from Uline. BUT they come in about 6 different colors. Since I store about 50-70 buckets, I utilize the colors to help me locate what I need quickly:
    Black: bronze chief wheat
    Yellow: prairie gold wheat
    Blue: pasta (spaghetti stored straight up, elbows on top. Everything still in pkgs)
    Green: rice
    Orange: sugar
    Grey: oatmeal
    Red: assorted beans.

    I store all foods in original pkgs. put 1 small piece of dry ice in each bucket, seal and burp till lid no longer bubbles up.

    If you buy the bucket buster, you can remove lid without tearing off tab strip and reuse lid over and over. I use matching gamma seal lid when a new bucket is opened.

    It's spending $, but once over initial investment, well worth it to know how much of stored supplies I have and when to restock.

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  5. You might find 5 gallon buckets from people who own horses. Some horse supplements come in larger buckets and we accumulate quite a few!

  6. I work at Safeway and our bakery uses 3 and 5 gal buckets and you can go in and ask if they have any they are getting rid of, we give ours away for free