Thursday, July 31, 2014

Each Sunday I say the same thing...

"It's Sunday! My favorite day of the week!"
Talking about God today.
I suppose you are able to figure out I am a follower of Christ. If not, surprise!
Sure I enjoy Sundays, they are peaceful & restful. I love the community I worship with, they are really awesome. Plus, I have the added bonus of usually being able see some of my grandchildren each Sunday morning. Which of course makes this gramma happy!
But, that isn't why Sunday is my favorite day of the week.
Each day of the week I strive to spend time with G-d. But sadly, I fall short.
Sunday I am able to go to a place and worship Him. My complete focus is on Him. He is amazing and I can't begin to explain how thankful I am for having Him in my life. I love having that opportunity. I am grateful for the freedom of my beliefs and for the comfort of a facility (we are mobile & meet in a school) with walls, a roof, air conditioning...
But honestly, sometimes I just want to smack people.
I find in our society, we complain about so many things or lack of things. I was reminded yet again of this fact this week.
One of my BFF's just came back from Africa. She was working with an orphanage where 90% of the children there are HIV positive and/or are have disabilities.

Watching her videos and seeing her pictures was a reminder of all that I have.

We should really be grateful for all that we have & how little we truly need. 

It's Sunday! My favorite day of the week! And I am truly grateful. How about you?

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