Sunday, June 29, 2014

What I carry in my purse...

Over the years I have tended to carry a lot of these items. I just don't like to have a situation come up and not be prepared. I try to keep it light.
Let's see...I carry t.p. & hand towels, sanitizer, energizer additive (these are no longer available, so I hoard the few I have left) & emery board.
Mini-med kit: Salt, sugar, band-aides, safety pins, lighter, sewing kit, honey, agave, triple antibiotic, burn gel, alka-seltzer, wet towel. I also carry enough cash at least for a full tank of gas.

Paracord bracelets. The pink one is a gift from Survival Betty.

OTC's and 3 days worth of prescriptions.


This weekend I am adding a flashlight and a knife.
Other items I always have:
A P-38 on my keychainVarious high energy foods, which I replenished as needed.

Note paper, sharpies, pens, matches & lighter(s).
cell phone, cards (to dig), lip balms...At one time or another I have used most everything here.

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