Saturday, February 8, 2014

My "perks" storage...

As you know I work for a famous purveyor of coffee. Honestly I don't drink a lot of coffee.
One of the great benefits we receive is a free pound of coffee (or tea) each week. I have several large bins of coffee saved & stored. I also give a lot away, simply because it brings joy to people.
Plus we get a 30% discount of everything else. We also receive free drinks when we work, that we need to mark out. Usually each day I will mark out a latte and a glass of milk. It adds up. That is how I get the milk that I pressure can and the lattes that I dehydrate.
When items past their "best by" date, we have to mark them out. Now often, I donate these items to a local food pantry. I really like to support the pantry and my manager thinks it is good also.
When promotional items (i.e. Christmas Holiday) reach a certain date, they get marked out & we share the items among the workers. This was my recent haul.
The "instant coffee" is for bartering and in a pinch is an excellent home remedy for poison ivy. You simply make a paste with a tiny bit of warm water & instant coffee and apply it to the poison ivy. Let it dry completely, pat off with a warm wet washcloth . It usually works in one or two applications.I will keep the peppermint mocha coffee, cause I really like it.  *grins* 
The "refreshers" on the right are an instant green coffee drink that doesn't taste like coffee. I have them in my purse and my bug out bag. The ones on the very far right, I caught on sale last week. They were 50% off and I got my discount. 
Here is some tea that I will be vacuum sealing for medicinal storage. More coffee for bartering and these nifty storage containers with vacuum seal lids. 
I received two of these fancy coffee tasting kits. I probably will be bartering with them later down the road. Though I like the boxes, we will see/ We are not allowed to sell items we receive.
I also got these nifty burlap bags and wooden containers. We also got a couple iced travel cups and extra straws.

Two more years and I will be able to "retire" & get my free pound of coffee every week & a discount on all other items for life. Such is the life as a "perky barista".

Pressure Canning Milk
Dehydrating Lattes

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