Saturday, February 8, 2014

Property “Must Have” List

The Homestead
The commitment to establishing a homestead has taken a lot of planning. It started with getting out of debt. First was the elimination of credit card debt, which we were already well on our way to accomplishing.
Then we cashed out our retirement 401 and stocks. That was a tough step.
The last piece in the puzzle is this move. Thankfully, we have a home with equity, which is helpful for all the plans of establishing our new homestead.
We do have a location to bug out to, that is a self-sufficient location; with a core team of people.
We already know that in an extreme scenario, we would simply load up our vehicles and leave what we have already established.
When we started looking for our retirement home we had the basic list* most of that list involves the land itself. Honestly, the basic list was the most important consideration. Everything else is icing on the cake, since we can add anything else.
LAND NEEDS: We need to be able to...
Raise our own food to sustain us, store for the future and have more to give, barter and sell.
Raise animals (at the very least chickens).
Small enough that we are able to maintain as we grow older.
Must have it's own water.
The current place we looking at has a completely fenced in yard.
That helps since we have three furbabies. We will need to shore up the fencing.

It has multiple outer buildings. Some we may be able use and some we may need to tear down.
The land we are looking at has several established fruit trees and possibly a nut tree and elderberries already growing on the property.
We needed enough room to add at least a large two car garage. DH's work space.

Then we have a revolving list. Having a place to live in the property is a bonus. With items like a fireplace, enough room to include storage and a place for my mom to move in with us.
The places we are looking at all need work. So we also are taking into consideration how much work we are able to do, how much we will contract out (hopefully very little). It all has to fall within a defined budget.
Alternative to electricity. Honestly that is simply a possibility. We are fully preparing to not use any electricity if needed.
That being said, there were a few items that we liked in the property we are considering.
A fireplace with a wood stove insert.
Fairly large rooms
My All-American canner will fit on the stove. LOL.

When all is said and done, this isn't a fancy place. But, fancy isn't important. It will be completely ours. We will be self-sufficient on our own property.
And that my dear friends is the most important consideration.

*Basic List
1) Our biggest goal is to be completely out of debt after we sell our current home.
2) Based on what we are able to buy, not have too many neighbors close at hand.
3) Closer to our Bug Out Location.
4) The property must enable self sufficiency; living off our own land and it's own water source.

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