Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tea Tree Essential Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)

Honestly, Tea Tree Oil from the Melaleuca Tree is one I have been hesitant to try.
I am very interested in using this oil because of it's analgesic properties.
I have sensitive skin and I am very sensitive to smells; especially if they are not pure essentials. So, first I did a sniff test. The scent lingered for about 5 minutes and didn't cause a reaction for me. I chose not to try this oil neat. 
I used gloves when mixing this up. I used about a teaspoon of coconut oil, melted the oil & added 5 drops of Tea Tree essential oil with a wooden stir stick. I applied this still using the glove, I used this on my knees and lower back.
Well, it passed the test. Yippee!
Then I also tried applying it before I showered and then another time after I showered. I did this because I have had some other products that have caused a very uncomfortable burning sensation on my skin when using them close to the time when I have showered. I didn't have any problems with this Tea Tree Oil.
Overall I am pleased with the results. The smell is still strong for me, but I am able to use it on locations not close to my face (nose). I noticed that it does relieve some pain for me. This is one I will use and share.
WebMd has a few cautions about using Tea Tree oil.
Now with all that said, I choose to use Plant Therapy Essential Oils.
Perky Gramma's Store/Essential Oils
There are many options out there that are good quality. Do your research and make up your own mind.
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Thanks you all!

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