Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Going bananas...

Early on I started using banana boxes for storage. Mostly because it is a handy size for me to lift & I get the boxes for free at work.
Having a portable system was very important to me from the beginning. I knew that if SHTF scenario happened, I would be moving everything possible. It has also come in very handy as I add and move my storage around.Moving 10 boxes compared to 100 jars or cans had been well worth the effort.
These pictures are from November 2012.
My November Goals focused on “Meat & other items that I use at Thanksgiving. So you will see whole cranberry sauce, pineapplemandarin oranges, olives..Various items that are on sale in November & items that I use for the various holiday dishes that my are traditional for our family. I also did a lot of sweet potatoes, since I make at least 10 sweet potato pies for Thanksgiving. I also canned turkey.
Plus I was storing canned soup and Hormel Chili for simple meals. Most of these items were purchased when they were on sale 10 for $10. 
So, I simply put the cans in the box (upside down), mark the “best used by date” on each can. I store them upside down so the tops don't get dusty. I filled each box.

Added a little food grade diatimacious earth (DE) in the box, just in case some little critters think they want to munch on the cardboard.
Write the the appropriate information on the outside of the box. I marked the item, how many cans were in the box and the best by date.Then store it on the shelving unit. Ta! Da!

I am no longer really adding new types of canned food bought from the store, with the exception of “use one, buy two”. Honestly I just don't use a lot of canned food. After I started growing a garden last summer, I am now working more on dehydrating and canning my own home grown veggies.
I saw another tip on using empty soda boxes for storage. i made one up, but that doesn't really work for us, since we don't drink a lot of soda. But, the concept works well.

TIP: Later I went back through and removed all the "pull top" cans. The concern was that those cans had a weaker seal. I dehydrated those fruits and veggies.
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