Saturday, July 4, 2015

Picanha and blueberries...

Being Prepared has Helped.
The new place is not unpacked, yet most of our stuff is there. Our dogs are adapting to our makeshift living room. Here they are kicking it with the footstool make from a packed box & blanket.

We had friends over for our first dinner at our house for the 4th of July. They arrived on their hog. 

First we got settled in and then went blueberry picking on some other friends farm. We got about 4 lbs. 

They cooked p
icanha on the grill. Picanha is a cut of meat that is prized in Brazil and I have to tell you that picanha is absolutely my favorite cut of meat.  I was going to take pictures. But I forgot, because by then I had a caipirinha. They friends are Brazilian, in case you haven't figured that out.

This is where the fun began, because we forgot to pack some need items to make dinner and utensils to eat with. Thankful most of our preps are at the new house so I was able to find, salt, sugar, back up utensils, plates and each of us had a knife on hand.

Also I had the FoodSaver there to vacuum seal up the extras. 

Settlement for selling our old house is getting closer. Probably the beginning of August. Then I am taking a month off from work to start putting our homestead in order, write, share and decide if I am going back to being a barista. We will be thirty minutes from a good sized town. While we will be out of debt, we will still need some additional income coming. We are hoping to get a hoop house set up & a chicken coop. Next year we want to be able to start selling some produce & eggs. 

Most know I have started Perky Gramma Teaches; another blog and Perky Gramma Teaches Facebook page. This will focus more on self-sufficiency and the farm. I started writing a series of posts entitled "Home, Debt-Free Home", which I am sharing how we achieved our goal of getting out of debt. I want to be able to explain this concept to people who don't get the concept of preparing.

I will sometimes post from my teaching site to my pepping site, but not the other way around.

Perky Prepping Gramma will continue. There are still too many people that need to learn the basics of preparing.  

I participate in the Amazon Associates program with Perky Prepping Gramma's Store. I receive a small commission when people purchase items I suggest or shop through my link on Amazon. This is just a way you are able to help me be able to continue to blog for you from home. As always, I only recommend products that I like and use.

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