Saturday, June 27, 2015

DIY How To Make Vanilla Extract

Why do we put things off? My excuse is time, but this takes maybe 15 minutes max, when you have on the ingredients on hand.
Now, I know there are people that can not even have alcohol in the house  so I found a recipe that is alcohol free, gluten free, sugar free & vegan. I have the link at the bottom.

Making your own vanilla extract is so very simple.

1. Slice down the length of the vanilla bean and put the bean(s) in a bottle. I am making small batches here. Small bottles, I cut the beans in smaller pieces, so they would fit in the bottles. O.k. I am making myself laugh at the simple directions.  EDITED: I was using 4 oz. bottles and used one vanilla bean for each bottle.
2. Pour vodka over the beans. Not in your mouth. In the bottle. The beans need to be covered. Note: Personally I think the best type of alcohol for extract has a neutral favor. So go for it. Though I have read about using other types of alcohol which creates a different flavor profile.
3. Shake that bottle several times a week.
Here is a slammin song to shake to...

Love Israel Houghton. So do my dogs. I kid you not, I am playing this vid while writing the post and they all jumped and started dancing around. I tell you, I have a great life.
Step 4. Wait about 8 weeks. I keep tasting it, to check and see how it is doing. 
Then you will some delightful homemade pure vanilla extract. Way better than the store bought. 

Update: The vanilla extract has reached it's 8 weeks extraction point & look...

I am planning on leaving the beans in there awhile longer to develop more flavor and a richer brown color. 
You are able to leave the beans in as long as they are submerged. The flavor just evolves.

If you will note, I have made my vanilla extract in dark amber bottles. I feel that this helps keep preserve the extract in darkness. If your pure vanilla extract is keep in a cold, dark location if should keep indefinitely.

Now, I know there are people that can not even have alcohol in the house, I found a recipe that is alcohol free, gluten free, sugar free & vegan. DIY Alcohol-Free Vanilla Extract by Desserts with Benefits.

The first time I used vanilla beans from Yoder's Market and got the smaller bottles from Amazon. 
I ordered more vanilla beans today (011315). I am planning ahead for Christmas gifts. 

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Items I have used in making the vanilla extract:

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  1. Cool, I didn't know that it was this easy to make! I am making me some, I love vanilla extract. Thank you.

  2. Glad to know it will still be good if left longer than 8 weeks. I made some last Feb and then we moved. I checked to make sure the jars survived the move, then put them back in the box. I will have to test it soon. Thank you.