Tuesday, July 28, 2015

“Home, Debt-Free, Home” Chapter 4 “The First BIG HONKING, SCARY STEP”

Home, Debt-Free, Home”
Chapter 4 
“The First Big Honking, 
Scary Step”

This is the one step that was the absolute scariest, but it was based on the firm belief that we are riding another financial bubble that WILL burst sometime.
Do you remember the financial crash in 2008? Things got really tough in 2008. Thankfully we have never been without a job for more than a few weeks, so we managed to survive. Still like millions of people we lost heavily on our retirement accounts, my stock and the value of our house. This was a light bulb moment for us, the realization that the lie of a fiat financial system was not sustainable. After reading the book “Aftershock” by David Wiedemer & Robert A. Wiedemer, we started to make our plan. Again I need to state that while I appreciate this book's explanation of how and why the system isn't working, I don't think that their answer is a valid solution for us. Our decisions have been based on creating a self-sustainable home and lifestyle that is no longer dependent upon the economy.
The powers that be, do everything they can to control inflation by artificially bolstering the economy. But let me ask a couple questions. Do you feel financially secure at this time? Or do you feel you are still struggling to make ends meet?
This is where the rubber meets the road...in the first challenge I asked “What is it you really want and what are you willing to do to attain it?”

We took the financial and tax hit &
withdrew EVERYTHING 
from our retirement accounts.

We cashed the checks and took the cash out of our accounts. Now mind you, at this point we had our plan of action ready to find another home that was less expensive, in an area where the cost of living was far less expensive & we were prepared to downsize our life. We had talked extensively about our plan and I had prayed a lot about our decision. We decided that we firmly believe that the financial system is going to crash again, no matter what false stop-gap measures the government employs. If you have been watching what is going on around the world, there are states that are bankrupt and other governments that have collapsed. I am not trying to created fear, I am just sharing what I see happening.
Again, I am not a financial adviser, we are just two simple people who are opting out of the bleak economy picture and establishing a debt-free lifestyle. Don't jump & make this particularly move now. You need to thoughtfully come up with a plan. But, I can tell you that this “big, honking scary step” enabled us to prepare to buy our new home for cold hard cash that we own, not the bank.
We just made the choice to do whatever it takes to be in control of our financial future & made a plan and followed the plan.

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