Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Gal is Able to Dream, Right?

There is always so much going on in my mind & heart that doesn't get said because I am working or writing. But, today I thought I would share some dreams that our conversations center around during our down time. 
I was a youth counselor for middle school aged kids for over 18 years. Youth group, camp counselor and camp director. I adore middle school aged youth. They are so cool & full of life. Sure they bounce, but so do I. Mr. Perky and I have talked about adopting or fostering an older child. I have always had a heart for older children in the system, for it's rare for people to want an older child.
Most importantly it bothers me when these young people age out of the system and don't have a home to call their own. I have a home, a good home that needs to be shared.
I know there are all sorts of issues that can arise, but I believe we are thoughtful enough to deal with even those complicated cases
I don't know if we could even qualify to adopt or foster because of our age, but it is something we want to investigate.
The other thing that has been rumbling around in my brain is wanting to have the farm become a small business & my capability to do the work. The heart is willing, but I have to be realistic. So I started thinking about being able to maybe provide gainful employment for people, but specifically for those with special capabilities.
Then I heard about Cape Abilities Farm.
We are proud that through our services, people with disabilities to live meaningful and active lives in their own towns across Cape Cod.”

What an awesome idea! Fits right in with what I was thinking.
I honestly don't know if all this will happen, I don't know it's leading, but it's something 
I really want to investigate. A gal can dream right? 

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