Friday, July 31, 2015

Hard Core Truth About Prepping

When you are preparing, there is a HUGE difference between what you think you might use or what you are TOLD you need to buy & actually storing what you use. I am challenging you to face some hard core truths about prepping.
Almost three years ago I started simply sharing my journey. Those who have followed from the beginning can attest that I have really come a long way. The most exciting thing is during that short time we made the decision to buy new property for cash, sell the home we have lived in for twenty years and will be debt free when that happens. We have made unique decisions to divest ourselves of being dependent on the economy as much as possible at this point.
But with the move, I have learned some major lessons about prepping & the mistakes I made. I am planning to write more about this when we get better settled. Perky Prepping Gramma is about to get more hard core. I have always said I am just sharing my journey of a newbie prepper. Well this newbie prepper thought I was following sound advice, but I am singing a whole new tune. You see, I am actually throwing away money that I tied up in items what I now consider non-essential or worthless for our prepping. I am not going to make a list of things you need to buy to be prepared, but by sharing my continuing journey I hope you are able to discern what you and your family actually need to prepare for YOUR life.

Hardcore Truth About Prepping: The first thing I will share is if you aren't using what you are storing, I honestly feel that you are setting yourself up for some serious heartache and failure if the S were to really HTF. It's time to face the reality. Whether you are preparing for a financial crash of the economy or an EMP, it's time to be honest with yourself. Are you serious or a player?
I want to share a blog post from Just Plain Marie. This is her assessment of her food storage goals & the reality of her usage for this past year. Since she is living the life mostly off grid already, you will note the a completely different approach than what you hear being preached on most prepper websites. The further I prepare, the fewer people I actually follow, because I get bored with those that are simply writing stuff vs. those that actually are doing the work. Marie, is actually doing the work. You may have noted I reviewed her cookbook "A Cabin Full of Food" last month.
My commitment to you as always, I will share what & why I am doing things. Plus, I will only recommend books & tools that I and using.
Honestly, just following me on facebook isn't the best way to get the information. Trust me you are missing things if you passively wait for something to show up in our news feed. If you are committed to preparing for your family, I am highly recommending that you sign up to follow the blog posts, at the top right hand corner of this page.
But it is your choice.

Articles  to Read & Tools I Highly Recommend Owning:
These are tools that I strongly believe each serious prepper should work towards owning. If you are doing the work, these will be invaluable to your journey.

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  1. Thanks for the mention. Definitely, definitely - I started with those lists of "what you should store" and keep realizing that they're only good as a starting point.

    If you're NOT using it, don't STORE it. It's a waste of money and space, and if you're canning it at home, a waste of time and fuel, too. :)

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