Friday, June 5, 2015

Just a Chat about the Prepping Journey

I believe that how you prepare is mostly determined by how real you feel the threat could be in your life. I would safely say that at the very least preparing for a 72 hour emergency event is something most people should do. I often wonder what makes people not prepare.
What prompted this post was planning to go see a movie with one of my friends. 

Adding it up it was $7 for popcorn, $5 for a soda, $6 for movie candy & $12.50 for the tickets for a total of $30.50!

What first got me thinking was the outrageous prices of the movie concessions, which at times I do indulge. I don't know about you, but our income doesn't seem to keep up with inflation. What I have found is that preparing has saved me money in the long run. Because I am often using my storage items when I cook, etc. I find that I paid less money for the item that what it currently would cost if I was to run out to the store.
That includes the use of larger ticket items like my preparedness tool trinity: the FoodSaver, pressure canner and dehydrator (associates links). I use these items all the time. I saved up my money and purchased high quality tools for my preparing. I am able to store away fresh produce from my garden or when I find a great sale. I am no longer dependent on running to the store when I use up a certain item, because I happen to have several more stored away.
The second point that got me thinking, was the total of $30.50. Through out our journey that is about what I spend once or twice a month to maintain/increase my preps. With obvious exceptions of the larger things we saved for and purchased. It doesn't take a lot of money to be prepared for emergencies.
Plus, it doesn't take all that long, if you are focused. 

Granted prepping is not the most important thing in my life. But, I do think about it most everyday and stack up working on projects on the weekends. Because the reason we prep is very compelling to us. 
I sort of fell into blogging about prepping. I started my Perky Prepping Gramma persona on FaceBook so I could interact on other sites, without getting odd questions from friends & family. I quickly started routinely setting monthly goals and then sharing about what I had accomplished. I found that it tended to keep me on target with my goals. Then to my surprise people started following me.
There may come a time where I need to decide to continue blogging or sign off. It will be dependent upon developing a stream of income once we get settled on our farm. 
Just a little news I haven't shared yet: I am in the process of started sort of a mirror site geared more with "homesteading language". I want to be able to share these principles on my personal page & reach out to a larger audience. There are several people I know that have said they want to start learning these types of skills, but freak at the concept of preparedness. Go figure. So these new sites will also start the journey from the beginning.
Anyway, here is your chance to get involved before the crowd. There are only a few posts so far and won't be posting the same thing on both sites. Though you may see "old" posts which are updated.
Perky Gramma Teaches (on Facebook)

Perky Gramma Teaches (blog)
Until such a time, I will continue to share my journey and let you know that you really are able to do this.

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