Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Jar Box (TM) Review (Part Two)

I am not obsessed with Jar Boxes, it is just where I am in the process of moving stuff from one house to the other. Packing up canning jars...
First I did random recent jars in my kitchen.


Next I filled up the boxes with my canned chicken. I am glad I have a Zaycon chicken pickup coming soon. I am low on chicken. This has been transported already.

Mostly chicken here.
Next, I unloaded my storage area of snacks, which has loads of chocolate.
Filling more jar box containers:
Various dark chocolate covered candy & biscotti's, chocolate bars (both milk & dark), some cookies, orange slices, m & m's, a few chips & crackers, mocha powder & vanilla bean powder and some dehydrated sliced oranges. Plus, I try to keep specialty holiday items we use like walnuts & dried dates. Same principle applies here of “use one, buy two”. Here they are packed and stacked. 


Here they are heading to the truck for transport.

When I was growing this snack portion of our stores, I made sure we had a least one years worth. This doesn't include store box cake and brownie mixes, plus a lot of cocoa powder.

These are all completely filled now

Here is a link to my initial review post on why I chose to finally get the Jar Boxes: Jar Box (TM) Review (Part One)


  1. Jar boxes at tractor supply are out all over the country. I love them for storage. That was such a good deal. Hopefully later in the season there will be another clearance somewhere else.

  2. Always on the look out for those sales.