Friday, July 25, 2014

What do I do on payday towards prepping?

It's Friday! I'm off & it is payday...
What do I do on payday towards prepping?
I mostly deal with a cash envelope system in my life.
On payday, first I check my account (direct deposit) and see how much I received in my paycheck. I am am hourly employee, so this changes. I jot down the amounts.

SHOPPING CARTS: Between paydays, I add items to my Amazon & Walmart shopping carts. On payday I just review my carts & then purchase. I will add things I need or that are next on my list of items to purchase for preparing.

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USE ONE, BUY TWO: When I use up a regular item & pull one from my stock, I add two to my shopping cart(s). For example today my shopping cart has 2 of each of the following: deodorant, toilet paper, chili powder, toothpaste & cotton swabs. Honestly by now, I barely even think of this back stocking. It is just a habit, I really don't consider this part of my prepping $$.

After I make my online purchases, I recheck my balances, take my shower, I hop in the car and head out to the bank. I withdraw most of my money out of my account (restricted by their cash limits), to take home and divide up among my envelopes. If I happen to need to go to the grocery store, I will do that and get an additional $100 of cash. My goal is to get as much cash out of my account s possible.

For Walmart I actually go through a service called I can get 3-5% back on purchases. This takes awhile to accumulate. But for me, every little bit helps. About having my information out there; unfortunately that boat sailed a long time ago. I will be reevaluating this after I move.

For Amazon I save in a couple ways.
I actually have an Amazon credit card (the only card I own). You also get cash back from that. As soon as I purchase something, I immediately go to my banking account and pay that amount off. I never have a balance on the card.
I also save by having Amazon Prime. Honestly the only thing I care about is the free two day shipping. It has come in really handy when I needed items really quickly (like, oops :D a birthday party)
They have two free trails running all the time. One for students (½ price) and one regular.

Also I have an associates account with Amazon. I receive a small commission when people purchase items that I recommend. I only post things I am confident in and actually remove items if I don't like them. Since I don't receive the commission on my own purchases, I actually gift them to another blogger.

Then I start the rest of my weekend list of things to do. Sunday I will be sharing another older post with more details on how I manage the cash system, taking challenges and goal setting.

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