Saturday, May 31, 2014

Redux: Egg-cellent Egg-ducation

Learning about storing eggs was what led me to the world of preparation sites on facebook and blogs.

UPDATE 2015: Now I store my eggs with coconut oil. Same method. 

How to Store Eggs With Coconut Oil

1. Check your eggs against light for cracks, just use those don't store 

2. Take the eggs out of the little cups. Trust me you will appreciate that later.

3. Warm up a little mineral oil. I do about a tablespoon for 18 eggs.
Several people have asked about using other food grade oils.
Sadly, other oils will eventually go rancid.

4. Slather them with a little mineral oil.

5. Place them small tip down in the carton.

6. I found one with a slight crack & set it aside.

7. I date the box with the month/year. If stored properly in a cool, dry, dark location the eggs should last about 9 months. I write 9 months, just in case I forget. Then put it away.
Once a month I turn the eggs over (upside down) to keep them from settling.

Here they are in my fridge.
This is a process for long term storage of eggs on the shelf. I choose to keep them in the fridge, since I have the space. BUT, if we lose power (short term or permanently), I have eggs stored for many meals. From my fridge I used these eggs up to a year after storing them.

My first blog post on storing eggs: Storing Eggs with Mineral Oil

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