Friday, May 23, 2014

Where does Perky Prepping Gramma go shopping?

We are about ready to make another visit to a location which stocks a tremendous amount of long term storage food and equipment. See, our preparedness journey didn't start with being a "prepper". Our journey of becoming prepared actually started because we read a book called "Aftershock
Both DH and I agreed that we were very concerned about our countries economic instability; particularly living in an area where almost every single job is dependent on the government. I don't personally ascribe to their primary solution (buy gold and silver), it is a very interesting book & we do have a small percentage of our savings in precious metals.
Before I knew there was such a thing as a "prepper", by word of mouth we met this man and his wife who were vital teachers when I started to prepare. They own a brick and mortar store in the Commonwealth of Virginia and chooses to stay brick and mortar, because their true desire is to teach people how to be prepared.
They fly under the radar, that is why I am not directly sharing their information (by their personal request). If you are serious about visiting them you will need to private message me on facebook and I will help you locate them.
So, without further ado, here is a video that you won't find (at this posting 05231) everywhere. At this point it is only linked on one really old prepper site. This currently has only 751 views. 

His lovely wife who helps in the store; is the person that first showed me a jar of pressure canned chicken. That got me started on pressure canning meats.
P.S. After posting this, I realized obviously lots of you still may not be able to get to this this location. I will post tomorrow a consolidation of other ways I build my preparation storage items.
I hope you enjoyed this video. ~Perky~

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