Monday, July 29, 2013

Safety; Avoiding cross contamination...

I am an absolute stickler about cleanliness, sterilization and cross contamination. It may seem to be common knowledge, but it is always good to be reminded of safety procedures.
First: Always cleaners on hand. Clean your preparation surfaces & your sink. I also do my stove.

Insure your sink is super clean & wash your hands often.

Sterilize ALL your equipment you use. I always have two sets of various items prepped (sterilized), just in case. Yesterday, I was pressure canning some ground sausage and my funnel became contaminated by making contact with raw pork. So, I tossed it in my contaminated pile in the sink and used my second funnel, which was already sterilized.

When I am canning, my sink it set up something like this:
I have a spot to place utensils that are being used and are in contact with raw meat.
I have container that holds items that have only been in contact with cooked meat.
Then I have a bag, to place items that have been cross contaminated. 

Probably the most important things to remember is ALWAYS avoid cross contamination between raw meat and cooked meat. Hope this reminder is helpful. 

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