Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How To Store Dessert Mixes in Mylar Bags...

I have to admit, I really find using the mylar bags a simple way to dry store & more cost effective. You are able to get the mylar bags and OA's (oxygen absorbers) from a lot of places. I am now getting mine from the Store LDS website and they will ship for free.The initial cost may seem high, but you get 250 bags for $94. That is a cost of 38 cents per bag. 
First, I took the mixes out of their boxes & labeled them with a sharpie, cut out the directions. Then I placed two mixes in each bag & labeled the outside of the mylar bags.

I poked little holes in the inner bags, to allow the air to escape.

I set up the OA's (oxygen absorbers), pulled out what I needed...

...then stuffed the rest into canning jars to save.

I had found out yesterday, the Food Saver doesn't take the air out of the mylar bags, but it does seal the bags. That's why I added the OA's, to take out the air.

Honestly, we don't do a lot of cakes and such for dessert. So I cleared out the cabinets over the refrigerator  where I found stuff I NEVER use (giving most of it to Good Will). Stored the mixes in that cabinet.

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  1. PPGramma, are you using a sealer machine to seal the mylar bags? I am really new to this and haven't used my mylar bags yet. Hoping yo can help me out. Thanks a bunch for your posts, I try to keep up w/them.

  2. Hi Ruth,
    Yes, I am using a Food Saver to seal the bags closed. You can also use a standard iron to seal them on medium heat.
    I am all about newbies & questions. I often say, when I started,I had questions I didn't even know to ask. :)
    Have you liked me on Facebook & clicked for all posts? That will put me in your newsfeed.

  3. Hello my name is lisa. Just thought I would throw in a tid Bit. After I add my foods to my mylar bag I start ironing across the top. I use my flat iron for my hair! ! It works awesome and gets both sides nice n hot at the same time! I go all the way across the top except for about about a half inch and insert a straw. I iron on both sides of straw so its nice and tight. Then suck the air out. Not ideal but works wonderful. After most air is out I pull the straw and iron shut. And I also add the o2 bag in the mylar as well. I had tried my sealer as well with no luck.

  4. Thanks Heart2Prep,
    Those are good tips you shared. ~Perky~

  5. I have just started using mylar bags and oa. Some of the bags are not shrinking like I think they should. I put 1 oa in each bag. Am I doing something wrong

  6. Big thanks to mylar bags for keeping things fresh and fabulous!

  7. Revolutionize dessert storage with custom Mylar bags! Keep mixes fresh by sealing in a clean, dry Mylar bag. Remove air, add an oxygen absorber, and label for easy access. Enjoy long-lasting, delicious desserts anytime.