Thursday, July 25, 2013

Coming "out"...

It had been over a year & a half since my mom had last visited my home. That visit was B.P. (before preparing).
So there were a lot of interesting conversations while she was here. I tend to avoid the word “prepper”, since it now has many negative connotations. Instead, I use a softer approach when explaining “why I do, what I do” to others.
She was asking about my dehydrated veggies (she thought they were strange looking). So, one night I made chicken soup from my storage. I asked her if she needed crackers to go with her soup, then pulled out some saltines I had stored.
She wanted cereal one morning for breakfast, so I told her what we have “on hand” & then gave her cereal.
Though the best one was, I had shown her my sweets & treats storage. I also had pulled out some chocolate biscotti for her morning coffee. She wakes up a little earlier than I do. One morning she ran out of the biscotti; she said she had to think about it for a little while, then she remembered. “Ah, under the t.v.”. She pulled out another jar and opened it.
She observed while I taught my friend how to wax cheese. 
She saw my garden, the grandbabies garden and listened while we planned a start garden for the other grandchildren next spring.  
She would walk around and look at my preps that were out & ask questions. She got the fact that we could survive about a year with the food & water we have stored. She even asked about how we would deal with the electricity & mortgage. Instead of going into detail, I explained we have a plan for that too.
She has always known we keep “defense” items at home.
Well, at least I am “out” with her now. Though she doesn't know what I do here in cyber world, i just didn't think she would know what to do with that information. I have no clue what she will say to my brothers back in Indiana. LOL.


  1. All I keep thinking when I read your post... "I want to be her when I grow up" and I'm 48 years old. Thanks for sharing, because it does help those of us that are not "up with the times". Have a blessed day! ps.. I'm glad you're "out" with your mom now, maybe she will carry some of that good news back with her and share it with your brothers.

    1. Thank you, Ruth. :-)
      Just remember, I am a newbie and trust me, you definitely are able to do this too...
      Maybe a garden at mom's is in order.