Thursday, March 7, 2013

In the Beginning... (part 2)

Shortly after we started preparing we met Bob, who is a local owner of East Coast Food Storage and Equipment brick & mortar store in Troy, Virginia. He gives a free preparedness session (tour), because he is all about teaching people about being prepared. They only sell from their store & do not ship. Plus, cash is king (trust me on this one), though they do take credit cards, etc. I highly recommend Bob and taking a visit to his store.
Bob gave us a list I now call list “B”. That list is a very basic recommended list of items you need to simply sustain one person, for one year. Please excuse the typo.

This started me on my journey of storing grains, legumes, powered milk, oil, sugar/honey, salt & water.

We were purchasing from Bob, our local grocery store & online. We still didn't know we were “preppers” or about the larger prepping community. This was a time of a lot of researching on companies, prices, cost efficiency. 
Again, the purchasing started in the morning with storing breakfast cereals. I'd set a specific price point to keep in mind and then buy when I saw it on sale.

I set up a notebook, which I transitioned to a comprehensive list on my computer.
Except for tuna and chicken; I wasn't pleased with the meat selections I could find canned at the store. We tried many that were down right disgusting.
Then one day on a visit, Bob's wife Vonda, showed me her newest home canning. CHICKEN!
Well, that got me thinking. I had never canned. Period. I had no clue. Soon, I was off on a new adventure, learning how to pressure can chicken.

We are hoping to get out to visit Bob soon, it's a two hours drive. I would love to take some pictures to share with you.
Again, if you have questions, probably better at this time to ask on facebook. There are always people in our prepping community that will share their experience. (459)

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