Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sell Fresh, Sell Local in the Commonwealth of Virginia

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This week I was looking for local ordinances for selling food that you make at home, which I checked to include things like selling what you produce on your homestead/farm. This is just some genral information to get you started.
Making food at home and selling it for profit has a lot of regulations. I suggest you really study and follow the Commonwealth's requirements. I can remember news reports of people receiving hefty fines for not follow the regs.
If you take this route, consider it a business; because the Commonwealth of Virginia will.
Commonwealth of Virginia Food Laws
Here is an article that you may find interesting.
If you have a homestead/farm and wish to sell what you grow, again make sure you understand the regulations and follow them.
To promote your business; list your produce, eggs or meat you have on your farm through a well know index. Both of these have informaitno for other states/commonwealths.
Another good site for information is the Virginia Tech Coopertive Extention at:
There are a variety of ways to earn some income from you own effort to increase your self sufficiency. I am seriously considering working with some farmers to transport their produce to my suburban area. The demographics of the area in which I live desperately want fresh produce, eaggs, meat that is produced without chemicals.
For other areas/states: I simply googled: selling food from home Commonwealth of Virginia.

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