Friday, March 15, 2013

TP Over/Under debate. What is your count?

People can get crazy over the debate if t.p. should be placed with the paper coming over the top or running down the back.
When more importantly you should know how many rolls you go through in a week. Seriously, I know it sounds too basic, but when you are preparing for the future, isn't that the more important question?
I am sort of like the Princess and the Pea with t.p. While I am able to, I would prefer to have NICE t.p. stored up as much as possible.

TIP #1: Bob, from East Coast Storage sells 5 gallons buckets with several rolls of commercial t.p. stored inside. He cuts off enough of the outer portion of the roll, so that it fits snuggly in the bucket, then rolls that up tightly and stuffs it inside the cardboard roll.
What happens when you run out of the “good stuff”? Do you have an alternative planned?

TIP #2: You can find all sorts of alternatives if you search around. Sponges? Washable, reusable clothes? A makeshift bidet? There is very little clothing I give to thrifts stores or throw away now. Particularly if it is soft. LOL.

But, you also need to consider if you have water available for flushing. How about an alternative disposal plan for the waste? What about a back up toilet?
TIP #3: There are a ton of options when looking for alternative toilets. Think something simple. We have a few 5 gallon bucket sets, with a seat on top & bags.
I know our answer, do you know your answer?

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