Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Gift of Preparing

Those very early days when Mr. Perky and I began prepping, we felt so alone in many ways. It seemed to be no one saw the the vision and it was a tough road to understand.
Yet there have been several times when our preps have come to the rescue for everyday happenings. For example being snowed in and having everything we needed.
The biggest one for us was when our heat pump went out over the holidays. Preps to the rescue. We had ample tools we had stored to keep us toasty and warm without having to call in an emergency repair person, which saved us a ton of money.
Prepping set us on the path of getting out of debt and purchasing our lovely farmette. We are now working on a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. and reawakened dreams of our youth. There is such a comfort in knowing that we are far better prepared than most people. While we can't foresee everything, we just keep learning and growing our skill sets.

The biggest gift of all is the blessing of having all of you in my life. Albeit most of you are cyber friends, I have had the pleasure of meeting several people in real time.  Meeting people dispels the stereotype of preppers being odd people. Each and everyone I have met or chatted with are normal, sane people who have seen the truth.
You all are such a blessing in my life.

Items I have used this week:


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