Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Luck Won't Exist...

Almost everything about being prepared is simply repetition. Each day is the same right now, I take a few boxes, wash everything, then determine if I am going to find a storage place for the items or put it with the every growing yard sale pile. At this rate I may be unpacked within a year. But the thing is I manage to do something everyday, that also applies to our preps.
I consider this time the calm before the storm, which works on so many levels.
Practice Skills
Once I started prepping, it didn't take me long to determine I needed to learn how to grow my own food. We are gearing up for preparing our garden plot for next year. We will be utilizing the “Back to Eden” method again, which worked so well for us in the past.

Use What You Store, Store What You Use
Actually this is such an ongoing dilemma. I find I will store something somewhere, then I move it. But since I am basically setting up my home for the future from the beginning I want to take time to insure that everything has a logical spot. Easier said then done. Moving things around, buying or creating shelf space so that I am able to maximize the space we have. Doing inventory of what we have...
Along with that, I am cooking a lot more from storage. What I am learning is that some stuff I stored in the beginning really wasn't based on what we are eating. But, as time progresses, I learned to really store what we eat (drink).


"But about that day or hour no one knows...”
We really don't know what will happen nor when it will happen. But, the storm is coming,
But, isn't that life is about anyway?
I firmly believe there won't be any luck in those days, it will all come down to how well you have prepared and that starts today.

Items I used or ordered this week:

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