Wednesday, August 19, 2015

5 Fab Fav Prepping Kitchen Tools

Frequently people put off purchasing tools in the community of prepping. When in reality I am learning that these are essential and critical prepping tools. 
High-quality tools make prepping an effortless process now and if the 
S should HTF in the near future, these 5 Fab Fav Prepping Kitchen Tools will make your life incredibly easier & in some cases it could mean the difference between surviving through the winter.
The longer I prep the more I find that the pressure canner, food dehydrator, vacuum sealer and water bath canner are indispensable equipment. I am also adding a steamer/juicer to my Fab Fav list, since I have learned how simple it is to make various types of juices for jelly & drinking.

1. Why You Really Need a Pressure Canner for Prepping. Tips & Tricks to buying the correct pressure canner for your needs. Learn from my mistakes.
The most important kitchen tool on my list would be a good quality pressure canner. Pressure canning is easier than you think. From meats to milk, all protein based, non-acidic foods NEED to be pressure canned.

Instructions here.

2. Dehydrator: Little or Big?
When you start dehydrating food for long term storage, you eventually be decide you need a dehydrator. Find out how I decided which to get. In the end the answer will probably surprise you.

Instructions here.

3. Vacuum Sealer to the Rescue
Using a vacuum sealer if one of the best ways to prep & store dry foods long term. From grains & beans to chocolate! The possibilities are endless. Learn how to use this simple tool. Bonus: Have an electric one for prepping now & a non-electric option for when the grid is down.

Instructions here.

4. Water Bath Canner
While you are able to water bath in a pressure canner, there are still benefits to having a water bath canner. Whether it is making jams & jellies or putting back your acidic produce for the winter, here you will learn a few tips and tricks. Plus I demonstrate canning tomatoes from this week.

Instructions here.

5. Love Juice? Make Your Own
Last, but not as critical I would recommend having a non-electric steamer/juicer on hand for high quality juice which you may drink or turn into jelly.

BONUS: Canning Utensils: Why would you want to read a review of canning utensils? Well some brands are actually better than others and I will tell you what to look for and why. Plus, I am sharing my favorite super storage tip for canning utensils.

Read the reviews and tip here.

Well my fellow preppers, I hope this list of prepping tools for the kitchen was helpful & that you enjoyed the article. You will find that I simply share what I am actually doing as I have learned to become a prepper. We would love to have you join our community on Facebook at Perky Prepping Gramma, where simply share what we are doing to be prepared.
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  1. 5. Love Juice? Make Your Own
    Last, but not as critical I would recommend having a non-electric steamer/juicer on hand for high quality juice which you may drink or turn into jelly.

    WHAT KIND DO YOU USE/HAVE? this is the only thing on the list i dont have, thank you in advance for responding to me have a great day.

    1. Roben, I have the Cook N Home NC-00256 11-Quart Stainless-Steel Juicer Steamer.

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