Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How To Begin Prepping: A True Story

I vowed from when I started sharing, that I would always be dedicated to helping the newbie prepper & just sharing what you and I were doing. You see I remember when I started that there were questions I didn't even know I had. Trying to read and glean information on what to store, how to store it...
I love to read and enjoy a good apocalyptic fiction story. You can usually pick up a prepper tip or two in the midst of the story. Recently I have been reading a couple prepper series where the story started with the main character winning the lottery for 211 million dollars or was a rich business man who began prepping...

The only problem with that is it isn't realistic. I gather you and I are not rich, but are just hard working people who are trying to prep on a budget.
With that in mind, today I am sharing a newbie prepper from our community today and how they are getting started. 

Meet Roben, a real person like you and me who is beginning her journey:
et's start with the why! I grew up in a house that was owned out-right there were no payments we had to make, yet we didn't have a lot of money. Turns out my father is a penny pincher and a pack rat, my grandma was a canner and talked about what it was like to live in the great depression. I see how hard my hubby works and how much it hurts him when we cant pay a bill. I want less bills, less strain, less stress. I know at some point the American dollar is not going to be worth anything. I worry how we will afford to feed and cloth my family. How we will pay for medical. I see a major crash coming. now I know that right now I don't have much, but I have a small garden and I have a pressure canner and a dehydrator, I am learning. The world will not be the same after, but most of all...I want this because I worry about not having a place to live or food to eat or water to drink and when shtf where I am will not be safe.
Hey I posted something on my wall I would like you to look at and comment about but I couldn't figure out how to tag you in it. Thanks for looking know your very busy. But thought it was worth a look am I doing it good enough or is there a better way? Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day for me it makes me feel special. Thank you!"
Well I took a look and I am sharing her progress. Here are pictures of what Roben is currently doing for her storage. I like the ingenuity, particularly in keeping within her very tight budget.


Roben remembered her grandmother wrapping her canned items in newspaper and storing them in a dark place. She is getting storage buckets free from work, wrapping up her jars and then storing them. Great!


I think Roben, you might benefit from reading this article on how I started and things I learned including making a list of what you use everyday, store water, store what you use and use what you store: 6 Simple Tips for the Beginning Prepper 

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  1. Thank you so much for writing about me. I think it's amazing that you took time out of you busy day to write about me thank you hope you have a blessed day!

  2. Curious - why wrap them and put them in the buckets? Roben, your grandmother likely did it because she was boiling water bathing her jars and storing them in the cellar, and ANYTHING to keep them unjostled (to keep the seal on) and in the dark would help preserve the food. My mom always said that she carefully carried her jars to the cellar and prayed no one ever bumped them! If you're properly canning your food, I don't really think it's necessary. However, if it's because you don't have shelf space and you don't have many jars, it's a neat idea. I wouldn't want to do it with the thousands of jars I put up, though.

    And I'm NOT trying to criticize you. :) I promise. Like Perky, I'm all about helping new food storage people. But I'm curious about your reason for doing it, because it might not be necessary.

  3. I am in the suburbs with nowhere to stockpile food or preps all my stuff must remain mobile if shit where to hit the fan now I would load and go north to my family's cabin in the woods. I am at this time not able to store stuff there