Sunday, August 23, 2015

EMP: Myths or Facts

I am far from an expert on electromagnetic pulses or HEMP (high altitude nuclear electromagnetic pulses). 
From the concept of an EMP to just a complete break down of society that would leave sources of power unavailable from the very beginning I have prepared for an event that involves total lack of electricity. We even practice days without power as a lifestyle, which I recommend you try. It is amazing to learn how dependent you are as you automatically turn on lights or the stove. The phone is powered down and the laptop is hidden. 
Our preps have involved alternate sources of fuels and basically living without electronics completely which saved our "ash" a year and a half ago when our heat pump went out over a New Years Eve holiday. (Pardon our ashes...) The only exception is planning one of our next steps of getting a much older car, in the vent we need to travel and pick up various family members to bring them safely to the farm.
Probably the number one fiction book on an EMP event would have to be "One Second After", by New York Times best selling author William R. Forstchen.  While I had this book in an electronic version, I recently purchased the paper back book. Mostly in preparation for the release of his sequel "One Year After" (which I already have purchased, just waiting for it to be released).
I read this book early on in my prepping and this latest reading has surprised me in how much it has influenced how I currently prep. Just reading the forward reemphasized the reality of this possible event occurring. Bill has an excellent grasp of what is a real possible scenario. The government has plans, do you? I
 prefer the fiction that just allows the event to happen and the aftermath that occurs.
The irony wasn't lost on me yesterday I was reading "One Second After", while waiting for a service tech to set up our internet connection and satellite t.v. at the farm. I had boldly proclaimed to Mr. Perky, I wouldn't completely move out to the farm without an internet connection.
There are over 500 fiction books listed on Amazon involving EMP events. I would be remiss if I didn't include the highly recommend classic "Alas, Babylon" by Pat Frank. One of the first books that examined the effects of a nuclear blast.
The reality is we don't know if or when a life changing event will occur. Or even what type of scenario we are preparing for. We prepare based on our own understanding and beliefs. The possibility of a grid down situation occurring is in my top two.
How do you prepare? Exactly how self-sufficient are you really?

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P.S. I don't know about the validity of this man's science, but I am sharing his post on EMP Myths for your review: EMP Myths by Jerry Emanuelson

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