Sunday, April 26, 2015

Little Known Poison Ivy Remedy

While I have never had to deal with poison ivy, my son was a magnet when he was young. I am not sure where I gleaned this tidbit of information, but my favorite poison ivy remedy is making a paste out of a little water and caffeinated instant coffee
You take the instant coffee and add little bits of water until you get a paste. Apply it to the areas affected by the poison ivy. Allow the paste to dry, until crusty. Then gently wash off with a washcloth. 
Sometimes you will need a couple applications. 
My son hated the coffee treatment, but it really worked. The worst time was when he had it on his face and close to his eyes. That time we went to the doctors. The coffee treatment worked way better than what the doctor offered.
In fact the following day he was able to go to the filming of a popular kids t.v. show and his cute little face was poison ivy free.
Eventually I taught him how to identify the various infamous leaves of three..

 Photo credit: WebMD
If you know you have been exposed to poison ivy, wash off as soon as possible.

I found that the remedies offered on WebMD & from my doctor in those days didn't work well enough. 
I probably learned about this from the Doctor Book of Home RemediesI own several of these books and they have always been one of my first "go to" sources for many years.
As you see, I store really cheap instant coffee (since I wouldn't drink instant coffee) just for that purpose.
There are other remedies that apparently work for others like pomelosoaps with tea tree oil.

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