Saturday, April 25, 2015

How To Make Simply Delicious Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Would you believe I didn't drink coffee until I was 47 years old? That's correct, this Perky Gramma who's job has been to serve java for almost 10 years now didn't drink coffee. What I finally found out is that I am not a fan of Latin American coffee. I actually prefer African (Kenya) coffee or very dark roast. In fact, when I brew coffee at home, I brew Espresso roast or Tribute blend.

Often people will just brew a regular pot of coffee (sometimes double strength) and pour ice. While this will suffice for some, cold brewing ice coffee creates a much different flavor profile. Particularly depending on what type of coffee you use.

Cold brewed iced coffee doesn't have that "bite" of traditionally brewed  coffee, is lower in acid content and it has a higher caffeine content. Actually a true cold brewing method is unique since it utilizes time, rather than heat, to extract a more naturally sweet and delicious flavor from the coffee beans. 

My home cold brew is based on the recipe used at the fine purveyor of coffee where I work. I am using espresso roast, but another more traditional flavor profile would be a blend of Latin American and African coffee.

1 lb. coffee (ground for paper filter)
2 liters water
Large container (1 gallon shown here)

Take your ground coffee and wrap it in a double layer cheese cloth. Tie it off tight. I actually used cotton thread to create a tight seal.
Place the wrapped coffee in a large container and add two liters of water.

EDITED: While this Aladdin Mason jar I used this time is great for water kefir, it isn't that great for brewing the cold brewed ice coffee. I have previously been using a 2 liter contain and trying to get the ratios correct, it was hilarious to try to get the coffee bundle out of the top of my Aladdin.

Let this slow steep for at least 20 hours.
Remove the coffee bundle and pour over ice.
This will store nicely in the fridge for at least a week, though we only keep it for 24 hours at work.
If this recipe too strong, then simply add more water after the cold brew. Then if need, add your cream and sugar.
While I haven't done the ratios, you could also utilize a french press or even a percolator to cold brew your ice coffee.
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