Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dehydrating Ginger

The house smells heavenly today. I just happened to about about a pound of frozen ginger from my friends at Gold Hill Blueberry Farm.

I tend to work on wanting everything to be sustainable without electricity. So, it is an ongoing task of getting things out of my freezer and preparing them for longer term storage.
Ginger is one of those plants that has so many benefits. I have used it often for nausea, colds and allergies. I was reading up on the benefits at Herb Wisdom and I am planning on utilizing ginger even more medicinally and in my cooking. 
TIP: You can find ginger at a lot different grocery stores. Often the rhizomes (root) purchased in a store will have a brown skin. You want to be careful not to bruise the root, so a very simple method is to use a spoon to scrape off the skin.

So, I thawed the ginger and sliced it up.

Spread it out on my dehydrating tray and set the heat level for fruits. The flexibility of variable heats is one of the reasons that I like my Excalibur dehydrator. This batch took about 5 hours because it was really wet from being frozen. You really want to get ginger dry.
After we get settled in our new home, I will get some slips of ginger to grow. I need to find out the variety. This one is marvelous and has a slightly sweet taste.
I love the smell of ginger dehydrating & my sinuses are certainly clear today.

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