Saturday, August 23, 2014

Jar Box (TM) Review (part one)

Today I am loading up my first batch of Jar Boxes. First, let me say when I first heard of Jar Boxes, I saw some outrageous price and I said "no way". Well, that was hundreds of jars ago and before I needed to prepare to move all my jars, to an house that is half the size I am in now and is in an area that has had multiple earthquakes in recent years.

Before I get started, I want to address the price. Even as wonderful as I think these boxes are, I personally will only buy them at a certain price point. For me what equated to less than a dollar a jar.
With that being said, here is what I think so far. 
1) STACKABILITY: Note: I would not stack jars normally for any reason. The difference with using the Jar Box is that the actually jars have space that is created in the box to protect the top of the jar lid. Look at the picture below and you are able to actually see the space on top. Store with the rings off.

2) PORTABILITY:This is a biggie currently. I will report more in a month or two when we have finished moving all the canning jars. The cases have four locking clips, which are easy to engage. plus for added stability they have 8 holes around the edges where you are able to further secure the pieces together.

4) COST: I addressed that some what above. I researched several places in my area and found the best cost value was at the Tractor Supply Store. They were $1 off (August 2014), so my cost was $7.99 for a pint Jar Box and $9.99 for a quart Jar Box. That is about what I pay for a new box of Ball Canning Jars locally. 
5) LABELING: So far this is one feature that I would like to see added; there isn't a convenient way to label the boxes. In the video I see that the have simply written on the boxes. I hesitate to do that, since I am sure I will reuse the boxes.  

6) UNIFORMITY: This will just be an added bonus. Soon all/most of my canning jars will be stored in the same storage systems. That isn't a requirement, but really is a bonus for my eyes.

These are my thoughts for my first time use. I will update more when I load them up and move them. 


  1. When I want to label something that I want to reuse, I will put transparent tape on it and write on the tape with a Sharpie. It can be removed.

  2. What a wonderfully simple idea. I am going to give that a try. Thanks! ~Perky~

  3. Let me share what I do with labeling plastics - I write directly on the plastic item with a sharpie, and when I want to change or remove the label I get out a q-tip and a can of the "magic permanent marker eraser solution" - better known as a can of Aqua Net hairspray. You can saturate the q-tip and use it to gently remove your permanent marker spot. I do recommend you spot test it first in a spot less noticeable, as I did have a very porous plastic not turn loose of the marker marks very well, but my salad bowls that go to church for funeral dinners, and kids toys that go to school are commonly marked - and we can later remove the marks. It has worked wonderfully so far.

  4. I use post-it-notes, and write on the sticky side and put in top corner inside. You can read through the box. These boxes are fantastic!

  5. I use post-it-notes, and write on the sticky side and put in top corner inside. You can read through the box. These boxes are fantastic!