Thursday, September 25, 2014

Product Review: Have you tried KT (kinesiology therapeutic) tape?

My goals for August included finding alternative methods to ease pain.  
There is a two fold purpose: to reduce the amount of pain medications I take, and to prepare for when there may be a complete lack of available pain medications. One product I tried was kinesiology therapeutic tape. It is interesting because if applied properly, it relieves pain and durable enough to last several days. Even if you are sweating or taking showers. 
Today's post is about using the tape for my bursitis. I had done some reading and watching videos about kinesiology therapeutic tape. There are many great ones on youtube and on the KT Tape (TM) website. 
I also I tested several types and styles. The basics are pretty simply. You clean off the area get tape out, cut as needed.
Then open and apply.

This video is how I decided to place my first taping. 
ConclusionsHonestly I wasn't very hopeful that this would work. 
For me after a couple tapings I found the process worked at relieving a majority of the pain I experience from several causes. 
Cost effective: Health wise I am going to utilizing KT tape more often. Though it is probably be more cost effective to continue to store more pain medications. I chose the colors that cost less. Using free shipping stores on Amazon is even less expensive that ordering KT brand tape from their website. Color also impacts the price. I used all three types here and have them listed in order of preference, but I would recommend all three types.
Lesson Learned: Watch videos on how to use them. Listen and learn the whys. 
One thing I learned on my own is how you move the joint into position when taping really does impact how well the application of the tape works and how well it will stay attached. For me, I kept losing the taping on my knees. i would apply as recommended in the videos, rub it down...still it wouldn't last overnight. Like this: (note the knee is bent at a 90 degree angle)
What I found for me, I needed to bend my knee more when applying the tape. Like this: (note the knee is completely bent)

What I discovered is how much or how far you flex the joint impacts how to apply to tape.  I actually sit & sleep with my knees drawn up completely. The tape wasn't able to flex properly and the tape would peel off. Now that i am applying in with my knees drawn up, the tape lasts 4-5 days.

Tip: If the end of the tape starts to peel loose, add a strip of regular medical tape across the ends. It will give a longer life. 
P.S. While I was getting ready to post this my neighbor came by. I had taped up her knee last week and I asked how it worked. She said to tell you it worked great and she is going to my website to purchase some for herself. Whott! Whoot! 

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