Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lesson learned: Never assume...

Recently I realized there was something major lacking in my preparations. Instructions.
DH was making dinner and he was going to make rice. He asked where it was, then he asked me how to make the rice.

Now I know why DH keeps buying all these prepackaged flavored rice, he needs the instructions. So now I have the simple instructions for making rice in with my recipe drawer and I will be adding to that pile.
Sometimes these things seem so simple.
Another example was I was making more elderberry syrup last weekend, allergy season is in full bloom. I forgot how to make it. DUH! Now, the instructions were stored on my computer. I decided to write a modified recipe on the lid of the storage jar. With the plan to keep the same lid when I open my next vacuum sealed, stored jar of dried elderberries.
The elderberry syrup turned out wonderful, btw.

Write it down, keep it close or on the appropriate item.
If it is store in a box, I often cut out one set of instructions and either tape it to the bigger box or include it inside the box. I will be getting better at this, plus rechecking previously stored items, just in case.

This doesn't just apply to food storage either.
Cross training is important. What if the primary person for ___________ (fill in the black) is incapacitated? I've got some more learning to schedule.


  1. Good Day PPG,
    Great idea to add instructions to stored rice, beans, etc. My husband knows how to use almost everything we have stored but what if something happens to us.... my grown children wouldn't know how to cook or even what most of the items are! Sad, but true. I'm going to make labels on each jar with the ingredient canned. I am thinking about keeping a 3-ring notebook on the storage shelves to list everything canned, chicken breasts, hamburger, pinto beans, etc. and how to prepare them. Hopefully this way, if something were to happen to us, they will find the notebook with the canned items. In truth, they will probably throw everything out, including the canning jars! Obviously they haven't caught-on to prepping yet -- work in progress though.
    Your thoughts?
    I would love to chat with you personally if you are open to this. Here's my personal email:
    Off to look at the 113-acre property tomorrow (actually will be leaving here around 2 am for the 8-hour (1-way) trip.
    As always, thanks for sharing your thoughts and knowledge with us -- very well received and greatly appreciated. Happy Day To You,
    Bobbie :)