Sunday, June 8, 2014

Are you ready?

Are you ready?
Recently I was sitting in the hot sun, watching Little League Baseball players while the coach and parents were calling to the “Baseball ready!” position & I couldn't help thinking about you all & being prepared.
Over 30 years ago when my son was little, they couldn't find anyone to coach the “littlest” newbies. So I volunteered & I didn't know a thing about coaching baseball.
I read tons of books (no internet then) & sought help from people that knew about baseball and I was off and running.
This reminds me exactly of my journey preparing.
Baseball ready” puts you in the position to be as prepared as possible to focus, move and catch the ball.
Being prepared puts you in the best position to be ready for emergency situations.
Simple basic steps, when practiced provides you & your families foundation for the future.
Use one, buy two.
Two is one, one is none.
At this game, I was thinking of you. Are you ready? What am I able to do to coach you for success? I snapped a picture.
Can you here me calling out to you, “Prepper ready?”

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  1. Great post! Sometimes the simple things are the ones we overlook! :)