Saturday, March 1, 2014

Why I chose the Essential Oils and company that I am using...

First I will start with the most recent essential oil blend I have tried. I started the EO journey mostly because I am trying to decrease the amount of OTC pain medication I take. I have had chronic pain in my back, neck, knees and hands for many years.
My most recent product use was Plant Theapy's “Pain Aid” pre-diluted blend roll-on. I have to tell you, I am pretty amazed at how well it works for me. Pain Aid didn't completely remove all the pain; but it drastically reduced the amount of pain & worked so well, that within a few days I had already ordered my second bottle. This is a blend I will be learning how to make soon.
Personally, I chose to use Plant Therapy Essential Oils
How did I decide on which company to use? It can be a little overwhelming to get started using essential oils. I actually started out looking at many various companies products. What I was looking for was very high quality, sourcing, purity, cost effective and great customer service. I read a lot of sites and there are some great companies out there.
You know how it is when you go down the rabbit hole of researching things...
I had already sort of locked in on Plant Therapy. It took me a several days to write this post, since I couldn't find two of the sites I read that helped convince me about Plant Therapy.
One site was Nourishing Treasures the other was 
LearningAbout EO's. A page devoted to independent testing of various companies E.O.'s. It is funded by readers and had great information on multiple companies products.
When I am researching I tend to “read deep”. Which for me means trying to read as much as I am able on a specific site.
Specifically, I was reading this report on Tea Tree Oil testing. Plant Therapy's product was found to not be in compliance. What amazed me, instead of arguing, they pulled ALL of the Tea Tree products off their website and from Amazon. When Plant Therapy got their new batch of Tea Tree oil in, they paid for the independent testing themselves. Which was then found to be in compliance. This is the type of customer care that I was looking for. I am not saying other companies wouldn't do the same, I was just impressed by their personal response.
The other incident was a slight mix-up on a personal Amazon order. I ordered the Top 6 Essential Oil Sampler Set (Lavender, Eucalyptus, Sweet Orange, Peppermint, Lemongrass and Tea Tree) from Amazon. I found out that the boxed set I received had Peppermint (mentha arvensis) instead of Peppermint (mentha piperita). I contacted Plant Therapy and they simply sent out the proper bottle to me in no time flat.
You are able to order these items at Plant Therapy's website (free shipping in the United States). If you sign up with your e-mail you will get a $5 off coupon to use on your order. They are linked above.
I now have their products listed on my Perky Prepping Gramma's Store Amazon associate site (free shipping and the same price on products as from the company direct).
In addition, I have used essential oils for: Making toothpaste, Two salves: Tea Tree Oil Salve and Peppermint Oil Salve,  and in my DIY shampoo and conditioner.
Now I am going to take my shower and use the Pain Aid Roll-on. 


  1. We use EO when we're ill. I got over the flu in three days while the people around were sick for almost a week. Thieves oil did the trick