Monday, March 31, 2014

Grid Down: DIY "How to" vacuum seal food in canning jars without electricity....

Imagine, the electrical grid is down and you would still like to vacuum seal various foods in canning jars. Alrighty now, this is a Mityvac Automotive Test and Bleeding Kit. Donna Hoaks was telling me that you could use this for vacuum sealing jars in a grid down situation. 

I asked DH about it and he had just happened to have an old one in his tools.
This is very simple, uses no electricity, just a little human energy.

 We had to purchase some more tubing, since it was old & we didn't have any tubing that was long enough.
You assemble the Mityvac Automotive Test and Bleeding Kit & add a lid to the jar. You may use a "used lid" in good condition for vacuum sealing. 

Place the Foodsaver Wide Mouth Jar Sealer firmly on the jar.
Attach a tip to the hand vacuum kit, insert the tip into the top hole on the jar sealer and start pumping.
I started pumping until I heard the jar seal and continued for several more pumps. It's that simple.

Look! It is all sealed up. 

This really works well. Perfect for Grid-Down Storage.


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