Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sweet Potato Extravaganza...

This is the recipe I use to make my sweet potato pies...
I double the recipe. Then do it multiple times. As you can tell, I have used this for MANY years. I only use a recipe for the actual directions for the first time or two. Then I start adapting.
I actually make it by taste mostly.
Now remember, one year go, I was really a big time newbie at storage.

There is going to  be a lot of “how to's” & tips through out this article & at the end so keep reading. Check them all out. Most everything I do can be found on my blog site "Perky Prepping Gramma" or in the photo albums on my Facebook page.

I stored all the ingredients to make my pies.
Large cans of Bruce's sweet potatoes (12 large cans)
Brown sugar (8 lbs)
Eggs (ongoing storage)
Butter (10 lbs. stored in March)
Molasses (3 jars)
Spices - All have multiple containers, since I tend to use these spices a lot. (cinnamon, ginger, cloves, plus I add allspice. I no longer use nutmeg or the almond extract)
Milk (ongoing storage)

My ginormous bowl has gone missing. I have no clue where it went. So I used the next largest.
First I open the cans of sweet potatoes and drain them.
Then just add the ingredients.
Brown sugar
 Eggs: Since I store them I always open them in a seperate conainer and smell. Just to make sure they are still good.
 Molasses & spices...
Since this is really sweet potatoes, the mixture is lumpy. It is a very different consistency than using pumpkin puree in a can.
Well, my first set of pies are done (on the left), the second batch is in the oven and the third batch is in queue. Only a couple more batches to go...

Oh & why do I make so many sweet potato pies? Years ago, we liked them so very much & they have veggies, milk, butter & eggs; I decided that we could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was better than a few other things I was feeding my then young son.
Now for some of the How To's:
Storing eggs with mineral oil: Eggs
Pressure Canning Butter: This is how I can butter.  Click into the album and then on each picture for details along the way.

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