Monday, November 18, 2013

"Mining" for silver...

We are still converting the master bedroom closet into a controlled storage area.
This weekend we removed these two cabinets. I cleared everything out of them & will be selling them on a "re-use site" locally. 

This was a big task, considering that the item on the right was my mother-in-laws jewelry case. The older bother got his pick of jewelry when she passed away & some was given to the grandchildren & we got the left overs.
MIL spent a LOT of money on jewelry (clothing and shoes), but she had a preference for silver.
Anyway, this weekend-I went though and sorted all the remaining jewelry to see how much "silver" we had.
DH did some research and we decided to use a neodymium magnet to sort thought the jewelry.
Here is an article that will give you tips on how to test for silver.
3 Quick ways to tell if an item is made from silver
We also plan to get some bottled test kits to do a second verification. 

My guess was these were all silver & I was correct.
These are the two neodymium magnets, DH just happened to have on hand. It always amazes me what he has hanging around.
So, you hold the magnet close to the piece and if it is not silver, the magnet sticks to it. This earring isn't silver.
If the items is silver, the magnet will not stick. This necklace is silver.
You can also find "junk silver" in old coins. The value of the precious metals in the coins before these dates (below) is worth way more than the face value of the coins. 
Pennies minted in 1982 or earlier.
Nickels minted in 45 or earlier.
Dimes & quarters minted in 1964 or earlier.
Take the time to check your change. 
So, all of that to make more space in the closet to add another shelving unit. More on that later.

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