Monday, September 30, 2013

What about storing prepackaged creamers for coffee?

While I was gone, Sharlotte Riley & Chrystal Boyers were asking about storing add-ins for their coffee.
Honestly, it's not something I have done or probably will do. But, I would like to encourage more interaction here and see if someone whats to try... Sharlotte asked" "Good mornin!!! I have a question for ya. I am looking for a way to stock up on Coffee mate's Cafe' Mocha ...I am talking long term, I have not found a powdered form of this yet so my question to you is.. can I can this like I do my milk or ???? any suggestions would be most helpful. Thank you"
And Chrystal asked: "Do you have any idea how you could make and can flavored creamer"

First I want to give a shout out to Jim Mcconnell & Peter Bendal Kear for trying to help out. You guys rock! Peter even added his suggestion "I am not too big on flavored creamers but I do happen to like the vanilla ones. There is a problem with this as many have sugar or HFCS in them. What I do is simply use a little vanilla flavoring along with my creamer. Now I am betting you could do the same on say a larger scale and make a batch then simply follow the process I have seen on her to both can and dehydrate milk."

What I have found out so far that canning milk & 1/2 & 1/2 will work WITHOUT sugar. As for storing pre-made creamers, it depends on if it is powder or liquid creamer?
If it is a powder, just simply put in a canning jar and vacuum seal it. I do have some sweetened mocha powder and vanilla bean powder vacuum sealed in storage. 
I don't believe canning will work for the sweetened liquid creamer. If it is a liquid...want to try a challenge and post your results?
My suggestion would be to try dehydrating one container of your pre-packaged flavored liquid creamer.
Here are the directions for dehydrating milk 
Then turn around and reconstitute it & try it out. This is how I reconstituted the milk. 
Anyone up to trying this out? Take pictures & let me know how it turns out. 


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