Saturday, September 14, 2013

Learn skills & practice your skills

When I thought about everything I had to learn, it was a bit overwhelming. That is why I added learning various skills into my goal setting.
Recently I learned how to re-load ammo

This had been on my list & goals for awhile. But, I keep at it until I finally learned. But, that is just the beginning. I have to keep in practice.
By slowly setting these goals I have really learned a lot. How to pressure can, wax cheese, store eggs, can butter, grow a garden (that was a biggie), work with farm animals, (clip wings, trim hooves), ferment sauerkraut, store lattes,
I still have major items to learn, but I just take it one step at a month at a time. 

Looking back though I have learned so much.
Have you check all my photos from the past? (Click here for My Timeline photos) This covers everything I have shared on the facebook page for the last year. My successes & my not so successful experiments. What I can tell you, is each time I have learned something.
What do you want to learn, when will you learn it? 

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