Saturday, September 14, 2013

Setting Prepping Goals

Early on I set monthly goals for prepping. October 2012 is when I learned to pressure can; in my head I started thinking ahead a few months & planned what I wanted to focus on each month and what I wanted to learn.  Now that the holidays are coming up, start to utilize the sales, think about what you use at various times of the year to make your personalized prepping plan 
Coming up, I will be using and sharing with you what I have stored already in previous years & storing show you my thought process  Monthly goals look like this: Along with "using one-buying two", each month I began to focus on "Meat & something else." The something else was often learning a new skill. This is what that first year looked like.

OCTOBER: Meat (Zaycon chicken) & Learning to Pressure Can Chicken 

NOVEMBER: Meat & Thanksgiving

For November, I canned turkey & focused on storing the items I used to make our traditional Thanksgiving recipes. initially I started with off the shelf products that I just bought from the store.
Green beans, mushroom soup, French's fried onions, pineapple, mandarin oranges, cranberries, brown sugar, sweet potatoes & more sweet potatoes...

DECEMBER: Meat & Christmas (chocolate)
In December I took advantage of the sale of hams & canned ham. Sweet & treats and items for DH date nut bread.

JANUARY: Meat & Water (storage).

I had been slowly adding to my water storage. I knew I was behind on my water storage. But in January we added several 55 gallons drums. Both inside & outside of our home.

FEBRUARY: Meat & Butter & Seeds (planned garden)
MARCH: Meat (Zaycon chicken) & Corned Beef (& cabbage)
APRIL: Meat & Waxing Cheese

Goal Planning 2015/2016
I started this year with the goal of living life on purpose. Intentionally focusing on moving forward to a self sustaining lifestyle. This coming year I will be sharing how I am transitioning from mostly bought at the store to either growing my own or more home based skill learning. For example: 

November: Fine tuning what I am storing for holiday prepping
December: Learning to think more of how to celebrate Christmas in a vintage style. 
January: Since we now have a well, I will be focusing on how to rethink water storage. What needs to be adapted for having a well. Plus I have plans to learn how to make soap with a gal from church. 

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  1. I am really interested to hear how your preps from last year will be for you this year! What a great pantry. We consider our canned stuff just pantry goods and the stuff that is dehydrated and sealed in mylar bags as true long term storage. Of course, the skills that go along with all that are invaluable! Great job, love you site!