Wednesday, March 30, 2016

SAVE more...

As preppers we are looking at ways to save money, as we store various items and particularly as a prepper I am concerned about finding storage space. Plus I am sensitive to a LOT of smells. Sometimes just a conversation can change the way you do things.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend bemoaning the fact I was have a difficult time finding unscented laundry soap online.
She then told me that she uses is Charlie's Laundry Soap.  
I have always liked concentrated soaps without fillers and garbage. You use only 1-2 of these really little scoops per load.

It is recommended that the first two loads should be rags, as Charlie's will actually clean up the residue that is in your washing machine. 

So I ordered some and started using the products. I must say I was VERY pleased. The biggest things I like about these products is 1) they don't smell. 2) they are very compact for storage. 3) they are green and non-toxic 4) Oh and they WORK!

This bucket below does 1250 loads of wash for $159.99. Think about it. That friend has a family of four with two teenage boys and the box lasts her two years!

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