Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Composting: Skills to Learn Now...

Once we got settled in some on the farm, we got started making our own compost. 
There is no way I could begin to tell you everything you need to know about composting. But, I will show you what we do and use. We started with a Spin Bin. I needed something that was fairly light weight and easy to move about.
Then Mr. Perky insisted on getting a counter top compost bin. I was perfectly happy using an old PET jar.
One thing I can tell you is if you go this route, get your bin from Amazon. We got the exact one listed below for $10 MORE at Tractor Supply store.

Now that I have my small bin, I must admit I like it. 
Composting is really easy to do. Basically I gather up my fruits, veggies, leftovers (no meat) put them in my bin.
When it's full, I throw it in the Spin Bin with some dead leaves. The basic ratio is 2 Brown/1 Green. This is when I was still using PET containers. My pups LOVE to roll around in the muck that drains out.

Once I dump the mess, I wash the container and line it with brown paper so I can dump it right into the the composter. That just adds a little more brown. :D 

That's the basics. For a lot more information on composting you can follow this link: Great composting tips at Composting at Home. Also below is a free book (at the time of posting) on composting. Got to love free!

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