Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fire on Water

One of the most important skills a prepper needs to learn is how to start a fire. 
Even with mad fire starting skills, starting a fire in inclement weather like rain or snow, when every single thing is soaking wet can be a challenge to even the most experienced prepper. So I was surprised to see Insta-Fire recently on a t.v. show. This is specifically designed to help start a quick fire in adverse conditions.
NOTE: You still need to know how to start a fire, in case your don't have a lighter or matches to use.

This first test, I just poured the Inst-Fire in sink of water. LOL. Yes indeed it lit, but the product was so spread out. Thinking a little more then, I put the fire out, scooped everything out and dried the Insta-Fire on a towel. 
This time I put water in this container, poured the Inst-Fire on the top and lit it with a match.
It took fire really quickly and spread.
Yep, I was able to start a fire on TOP of water. The fire grew quickly and sustained until I put it out with water.

You do need to be realistic when using this product. It isn't a miracle fire in a bag. Damp or wet tinder or wood is still difficult to set on fire. But I truly believe that it increases your chances dramatically of getting a good fire going. Since it comes in individual packets, it is light weight and easy to add to a 72 hour fit or backpack.
Now I have to admit, I will be keeping this product on hand in multiple areas just because of the convenience of using it to start any fire.

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