Thursday, October 22, 2015

Not a Deuce Coupe but a Pullet Coop...

How I Chose My Chicken Coop
I have been using my Formex Snap Lock Chicken Coop since October 2015 now and I wanted to give you an update. Initially read everything I could, we looked at various coops online and at the stores and while Mr. Perky is very handy we decided on this little chicken dream house. While this coop cost over $700, but coops can get really expensive or even with plans the cost of the supplies was still fairly high. 
We were getting into a pinch because we had 10 chickens coming from the local coop and time was running out.
So I decided to check and see what the Chicken Whisperer suggested. His recommendation was the Formex Snap Lock Chicken Coop. I chose the large one which holds 6-12 chickens. My chickens are a fairly large breed (red sex links) and I admit it's a little snug for my 10 chickens and one rooster. But, they don't seem to mind at all. I found that ordering through Amazon I saved $23.95 with the free shipping. That bought my first bag of of feed & part of my first chicken feeder. (when you included the shipping from the Formex Site) The coop was delivered in less than one week. These are the selling points and I have found each to be true. I listed the predator resistant first because the very first night we had evidence of a visit from a raccoon. I wanted to mention the "Chicken Whisperers" book, because as a newbie chicken momma, it have found it incredibly helpful and an easy reference to use. When I found the muddy paw prints on the coop, I was easily able to identify them from my book.

The house comes with carabiners for every hasp lock.

  • Predator Resistant
  • Locking Access
  • No tools required
  • Insulating double wall construction
  • Impact resistant
  • Ultraviolet resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Maintenance free
  • Removable litter tray
  • Adjustable ventilation
  • Easy access for egg collection
  • 64” by 39” by 42” tall
  • Room for twelve standard breed hens
  • Three 36” roosts
  • Four laying boxes
  • Larger adjustable ventilation
Next, the coop was relatively easy to put together. The pieces "snap" together. Sometimes we had to fiddle with some of the pieces to get them to set true. The pieces they selves are double wall construction and are very sturdy. I am able to lean heavily on one of the walls without it bending. It held up extremely well during the snowmageddon we had in January. 

The very best feature is how easy it is to clean. I really like the fact that it has a separate little door that opens up (it is in that last photo above) and you can completely remove the floor trays to clean. Super easy to do.

The people who designed this really thought things out. It comes with 3 adjustable roosting bars that slide into recessed cubbies in the walls. The 4 nesting boxes are also recessed into the sides with lids that open over each side for easy access to get the eggs. The actual nesting boxes are removable, you just slide them out and dump them, rinse them, fill them again. Plus the lid actually slides out and back in, great for adding pines chips.


It has vents in the gable on two sides. The vents easily slide up and down to adjust the mount of ventilation.

It has five access points. The front door, the two sides with the nesting boxes, one side of the roof opens up & you are able to remove the entire roof. I am frequently using the high slated roof that opens up for easy overall access.

Some people asked me about out gassing (release or give off a substance as a gas or vapor). There is nothing specific that talks about it on their website. The company has been in business for about 4 years. I did check the Better Business Bureau and they don't have any complaints filed. All that and the fact that Andy the Chicken Whisperer endorses that product I felt comfortable that out gassing would not be an issue.We have been using the coop for awhile now.  To wrap it up, I am more than well pleased with and would highly recommend this Formex Snap Lock Chicken Coop


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